Indoor Meetings

The RSPB North East Hants Local Group runs indoor meetings for people interested in nature, birds, wildlife and the environment. Guest speakers entertain members with talks on wildlife photography, birds, nature and the environment. Meetings are held in Church Crookham and Fleet.

We welcome visitors who would like to attend our meetings, but for non local group members there is a £3 charge.

In the event of inclement weather please check with the appropriate organiser/website to see if the meeting is going ahead.

Map showing all indoor venues (250k pdf)


Welcome to our 2017 lectures


Summer Break

Welcome back to our Autumn and Winter Programme  ----------

Saturday 23rd September 2017             7.30pm

Roger Beck   ----'Comings and Goings.

Roger Beck is a new speaker to our group and with a title like that you may guess that the talk is about migration.                                                                        The talk will include pictures of many birds, grouped according to whether they are long-distance, short-distance, partial or passage migrants.             

Roger will then tackle some of the standard questions :  why migrate ?  is it learned ?   how do migrants travel ?  can birds tell the time ?                                  what dangers do they face ?  

With a lot more included this should be such an interesting lecture.

Please do join us at

Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane , Church Crookham, Fleet. GU52 8LD


Saturday 7th October 2017             7.30pm

Dave Fairlamb ----- 'Bird watching Tour of Scotland'.

Dave Fairlamb has visted us before and is a very excellent and enthusiastic speaker.  We all enjoyed his last talk tremendously.

Now we welcome him back again to present his 'Bird Watching Tour of Scotland'. Scotland’s stunning landscapes and unique habitats are rich in a wide variety of birdlife. We will travel from the borders, through Tayside to the Caingorms and the highlands, then onto Orkney, Shetland and the western isles, completing our trip on the Solway.

Dotterels on the high tops , Scottish crossbills in the pine woods, petrels over the seas and divers on the lochs are just a few to mention but many more to see if you will join us at ---

St. Philip & St James' Church Hall, KIngs Road, Fleet , GU51 3AR  



Saturday 28th October 2017             10.30am  to 3.00pm

Autumn Fair

Lots of stalls to look at. Bric a brac, books, produce with lovely cakes to choose from,, plants, bird boxes and feeders, jig saws, tombola, raffle,

teas and coffee, light lunches.

Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane , Church Crookham, Fleet. GU52 8LD        

Saturday 11th November  2017             7.30pm

David Boag ----- '

Canada And Australia  - a natural contrast

David Boag is one of our most popular and talented speakers and photographers and tonight we are really lucky in getting two talks for our evening

The Wilds of Canada.

Canada contains vast areas of wilderness.  It is the largest country in the Western Hemisphere and with the largest surface area of water in the world. Little wonder that the wildlife of Canada is prolific and varied.

Having worked in several parts of Canada, in this lecture David shares a wealth of his favourite photographs that combine with interesting anecdotes and facts.

The Rocky Mountains alone conjure up thoughts of bears and coyotes, whilst the lakes and rivers bring to mind beavers and bald eagles. The topic is so huge that it would take a month of lectures and so David looks forward to sharing the highlights with you all.

Tropical Queensland

Whenever David travels he has a wish-list – he doesn’t write it down, but it is in the back of his mind. When he knew he was going to Queensland, Australia his wish- list seemed to be remarkably long. David’s long association with kingfishers meant that he was desperate to see a kookaburra. But, then, what about platypus or koala, and you haven’t been to Australia if you haven’t seen a wallaby or a kangaroo.

David was privileged to photograph all of those things. He would like to share those and other images with you and the experiences that he had. Above all the Queensland tropical rainforest is about trees. An amazing diversity of trees that he found incredibly interesting.

So, there we are. Two fabulous talks all in one evening.  Do not miss the chance to experience David’s brilliant photography and exciting lecture.

Do please join us at --

Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane, Church Crookham, Fleet . GU52 8LD



Saturday 9th December  2017             7.30pm

Richard Coomber ----- ' Wildlife Wanderings from Penguins to Puffins'  

Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane, Church Crookham, Fleet. GU52 8LD 

Richard’s talk Penguins to Puffins – a look at the Seabirds of the World’ begins with a resume of the bird families that make up ‘seabirds’. A journey then begins looking at seabirds and their environment starting in the Seychelles, a tropical paradise with a wealth of seabirds ranging from shearwaters and tropicbirds to terns. Then we head north stopping off at the Farnes, the Scottish Isles and Spitsbergen to see the Atlantic’s seabirds before crossing to the North Pacific and see a great range of species as we head south from the Bering Sea to Antarctica via Hawaii, the Galapagos and the cold waters of the Humboldt Current off the coast of Chile.

Enjoy seeing seabirds without having to get wet or take any sea-sick pills !

Please do not miss this fabulous talk and join us at

Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane, Church Crookham, Fleet. GU52 8LD