Indoor Meetings

The RSPB North East Hants Local Group runs indoor meetings for people interested in nature, birds, wildlife and the environment. Guest speakers entertain members with talks on wildlife photography, birds, nature and the environment. Meetings are held in Church Crookham and Fleet.

We welcome visitors who would like to attend our meetings, but for non local group members there is a £3 charge.

In the event of inclement weather please check with the appropriate organiser/website to see if the meeting is going ahead.

Map showing all indoor venues (250k pdf)

Welcome to our Autumn/Winter Programme 


Saturday 11th November  2017        7.30pm

Tropical Queensland & The Wilds of Canada            David Boag

David Boag is one of our most popular and talented speakers and photographers and tonight we are really lucky in getting two talks for our evening.

The Wilds of Canada.

Canada contains vast areas of wilderness. It is the largest country in the Western Hemisphere and with the largest surface area of water in the world.

Little wonder that the wildlife of Canada is so prolific and varied.

Having worked in several parts of Canada, in this lecture David shares a wealth of his favourite photographs that combine with interesting anecdotes and facts.

The Rocky Mountains alone conjure up thoughts of bears and coyotes, whilst the lakes and rivers bring to mind beavers and bald eagles. The topic is so huge that it would take a month of lectures and so David looks forward to sharing the highlights with you all.

Tropical Queensland

Whenever David travels he has a wish-list – he doesn’t write it down, but it is in the back of his mind. When he knew he was going to Queensland, Australia his wish- list seemed to be remarkably long. David’s long association with kingfishers meant that he was desperate to see a kookaburra. But, then, what about platypus or koala, and you haven’t been to Australia if you haven’t seen a wallaby or a kangaroo.

David was privileged to photograph all of those things. He would like to share those and other images with you and the experiences that he had. Above all the Queensland tropical rainforest is about trees. An amazing diversity of trees that he found incredibly interesting.

So, there we are. Two fabulous talks all in one evening.  Do not miss the chance to experience David’s brilliant photography and exciting lecture.

Do please join us at --

Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane, Church Crookham, Fleet GU52 8LD

Saturday 18th November  2017       1.00pm  to  4.30pm

Christmas  Craft  Fair

This will be at:

 The Grange Estate Hall, (off Coxheath Road ) Churtch Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire GU52 6QR

Plenty of stalls selling a wide range of crafts, jewellery, knitted gifts, cards, pens, mono printing and painting, household items, handbags, cakes, small furniture also including the RSPB NE Hants Local Group, selling unique hand-made cards at this event.

Refreshments and plenty of free parking


Saturday 9th December  2017        7.30pm

Wildlife Wanderings from Penguins to Puffins          Richard Coomber

Richard’s talk, Penguins to Puffins – a look at the Seabirds of the World, begins with a resume of the bird families that make up ‘seabirds’. A journey then begins looking at seabirds and their environment starting in the Seychelles, a tropical paradise with a wealth of seabirds ranging from shearwaters and tropicbirds to terns. Then we head north stopping off at the Farnes, the Scottish Isles and Spitsbergen to see the Atlantic’s seabirds before crossing to the North Pacific and see a great range of species as we head south from the Bering Sea to Antarctica via Hawaii, the Galapagos and the cold waters of the Humboldt Current off the coast of Chile.

Enjoy seeing seabirds without having to get wet or take any sea-sick pills!

Please join us at

Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane, Church Crookham, Fleet GU52 8LD

Saturday 13th January 2018       7.30pm

Shetland to Scilly, Birds of the British Isles            Ashley Grove     

Ashley Grove is a new speaker and having been to one of his presentations I have no hesitation in recommending that you come along to this meeting.               ‘

This is Ashley’s most popular lecture and as the title suggests, it will take us on a journey all the way from Shetland, right down to the Isles of Scilly. A wonderful display for Ashley to show us some of Britain’s superb bird life. Over 130 species make an appearance during the lecture, which is rounded off by a montage of more images to music.


Please do come and join us at

St Philip & St James' Church Hall, Kings Road, Fleet  GU51 3AR       


Saturday 3rd February 2018      7.30pm

Peregrines and Kites          Keith Betton

Back by popular demand after previous enthralling talks, Keith will tell fascinating stories of peregrines and red kites in Hampshire.

A group study set up by Keith found 18 peregrine nests in Hampshire in 2017, but they first started breeding here back in 1993. We will be looking at adults at their nests and lots of pictures of them with their young and feeding. 

Keith studied red kites in Hampshire from 2006 to 2012 and he will introduce us to their ecology and lifestyle including their flight and roosting behaviour. With over 150 pairs in Hampshire now, no doubt a species seen by many of you.

Sadly both species have suffered through persecution but Keith will have a more positive story of their conservation.

Please join us at

St Philip & St James' Church Hall, Kings Road, Fleet  GU51 3AR      


Saturday 3rd March 2018         7.30pm

Zimbabwe - off the beaten track          Brian Pettit and ‘Techno’ Tim

For those of you who have been to previous meetings you will know what a fantastic duo Brian and Tim are - wonderful presentations all on their giant screen.

After a number of visits Brian and Tim are able to show us this fairly under-recorded part of Africa’s wildlife heritage. From historic Selous to the Matopos Hills, from Lake Kariba to Victoria Falls and, finally, to the jewel in Zimbabwe’s wildlife crown - Hwange Game Reserve - all are covered in this comprehensive presentation. 

Although including the typical large African mammals this talk concentrates on looking under the rocks and behind the bushes to uncover many of the other species that are just as important in maintaining the balance of African nature and holding together that wildlife web we all love so much. 

Species featured include ravens, raptors and reptiles; herons, storks and sunbirds; baobabs, butterflies and bungees; fish, fruit and bee eaters; monitors, monkeys and mongooses together with stunning scenery and sunsets

Don’t miss this evening from two stars!

Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane, Church Crookham, Fleet  GU52 8LD

Saturday 24th March 2018           7.30pm                           


Your committee welcomes your support at this meeting and look forward to sharing group news with you, so please come along and show your appreciation of the huge effort your committee makes to ensure a lively and varied program and the successful fund raising activities to help conserve the wildlife we all cherish. After the tea and coffee break we will have an entertaining talk - details to be announced.

Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane, Church Crookham, Fleet  GU52 8LD

Saturday 14th April 2018          7.30pm

A Woodland Year          Simon Ginnaw

Simon is a new speaker but comes to us with a fascinating talk that will reveal some woodland mysteries.

Woodlands and forests are a place of myths, legends and fairy tales!  Our woodlands are also packed with wildlife from forest floor to the tree tops - but it is not always easy to see. Join Simon as he takes us on a multi-media tour of the woods following the seasons, to discover beautiful butterflies, plentiful birds, and the mysterious creatures of the night and discover the secrets of the central character in all this drama - the one on which all the creatures of the forest depend - the trees.

Please join us at the

Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane, Church Crookham, Fleet GU52 8LD